Acrylics - Oils - Watercolor

Richard Simmons
  • Synthetic White Sable
  • Sienna - Synthetic Red Sable
  • Sapphire - Red Sable and Synthetic mix
  • Simply Simmons, all brushes in this line are $3.95 per piece

Acrylics - Oils

Richard Simmons
  • Signet - Natural Bristle

  • Natural Bristle - Series 5200
  • Synthetic White Sable - Series 6100
  • Real Value Brush sets

Acrylics - Watercolors

  • Golden Gate natural bristles - Series 4850


Jack Richeson
  • Kolinsky Sable


Jack Richeson
  • Sash and Glue Brushes
Bamboo Brushes and Reed Pens


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